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Being homeschooled and 25 years in the classroom, I've developed a keen desire to give our children a voice and help them experience the natural flow of learning. I understand the importance of providing children and parents with flexible structures that enable them to explore creativity, authenticity, and find meaning in the learning journey. 

Kia Ora kautau, my name is Tamina. I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children and a dedicated, qualified, and experienced educator. Gaining my bachelor of teaching, post-grad diploma in mathematics, studying Tikanga and Te ao Māori, NZ Sign Language, and now learning Japanese helps quench my thirst for learning!

I enjoy spending time outdoors with family, exploring new places and I love fishing. I strongly believe that learning is a lifelong journey, I always look for ways to support our learners to seek things they are curious about so that they can learn in real and meaningful ways, ask deep questions and become lifelong learners.


Tala is an outstanding tutor and shows excellent leadership with her students, she relates exceptionally well with parents and understands the 'big-picture'.  She is a good listener enabling her to craft her response to meet the individual needs of each family and direct the child's learning outcomes. 


Our time with Tala and AHA Aotearoa Homeschool/Curious Minds has been an amazing journey.  My 13-year-old son was struggling at school and was not able to keep up, after our first level 4 lockdown we realised just how far behind he was, so we decided to reach out and give homeschooling a go. Tala from day 1 has been a force, she has supported us and the emotions that come with this new journey, especially when my son was struggling with subjects, she has created a safe space for him to learn and move forward with his schooling. He has been learning about the subjects he is passionate about, and the entire process has been a wonderful organic experience.  He has come so far in the year we have been with Tala, my husband and I are so very happy with how far he has come and how much he has learned in his own way and at his own pace with the guidance of Tala.  

We decided this year that our 7-year-old needed the same input as our teenager and that he also would benefit from this amazing learning space that we have created with Tala.  Tala understands and reads my children so well, she has become a very important part of our learning journey and I would absolutely highly recommend Tala and the system she has built YPI, Curious Minds. The platform the boys use is easy and innovative, everything we do goes into the platform and it can be checked, marked, and signed off. I put 100% full trust in her knowledge and recommendations and as a family, we are so happy we have taken this direction with our children's learning and we have not looked back.

Thank you so much.

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