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Your child can forge their own learning path with your guidance.

At this point in your child's learning journey, they can set personal goals, create their own plans and know when and how to act independently. They have good communication skills, listen actively and interact effectively with others. They have a strong voice and are able to negotiate and share ideas respectfully.  
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This is an ideal opportunity to give your child voice and choice in their learning and enable them to have a high level of ownership. 

Here, your child will be able to focus on personal interests, forge their own learning path, create their own plans whilst maintaining contact with their learning coach or parent.

This is one of the most flexible approaches to learning whilst maintaining the ability to keep track of progress for both you and your child.

We do not recommend you start here until a good grasp of our platform for learning has been reached.  
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$300 Term



What you can expect from us


  • New Zealand Registered Teachers/Learning Coaches

  • Use of the platform to create professionally delivered plans in the key curriculum areas

  • Use of the platform to create personalised plans focused on your child's interests through an inquiry model that promotes connection with self and others and integrates effortlessly into other subject areas

  • Additional services we offer on a need-be basis. 


  • A fortnightly 30-minute online face-to-face meeting with your child $35

  • A monthly 30-minute online face-to-face meeting with the parent to keep up to date with your child's progress $35

  • Recordings of interactive workshops that develop competencies in key skill sets such as, how to question, how to research, how to find reliable resources, and how to use thinking routines, etc.

  • Planning, marking and reporting $50 (approximately 2 hours)

  • Professional Development with the Curious Minds' team to better understand the platform and facilitate student-led learning  $75 per session.

    We will send out periodic emails providing details about the workshops


  • 'Extra for Experts' offers all homeschooled children to engage with and collaborate in workshops that are created and delivered by educators who are experts in their field.
    $75 per term

    We will contact you by email with details about the workshops as they become available.

What you can do


  • The parent will support their child to create plans, set up learning goals, create self-assessment criteria, find resources, and take responsibility for their own work

  • The parent will respond to their child's learning needs and mark the work once submitted.  

  • The parents provide the structure in the home or learning environment for consistent engagement in the learning journey

  • The parent remains in touch with what is happening in the platform and has the opportunity to engage with their child's learning journey

  • The parent accesses the website from Netsafe - Staying Safe Online Guide 

  • The parent accesses and reads the Netsafe - Online Safety Parent Toolkit

  • The child signs the - Student User Agreement (we will send this information to you)​

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