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What's going on in there?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Why are my students driving me crazy? I’m up against power struggles every day and find myself exhausted just thinking about the next meeting talking about that kid who refuses to listen!

You don’t want to miss this inside scoop on why your kids are driving you crazy.

Our kids are off the rails, it never used to be this bad! There’s simply no discipline like we used to have and they don't listen.

Here’s a thought, maybe they are asking us to listen?

I’ve worked with many kids over the years and felt the struggle teachers experience with student management, engagement and getting kids to do as they are told.  As teachers, we become engulfed in a myriad of novel ways of engaging our kids with ‘fun’ lessons often wasting precious energy and time in preparation and little time left to ‘listen’.  

I know this is a hard one because we are so busy doing our job, but trust me, building trust with your kids and letting them know you really want to ‘hear’ them and work with them is the most powerful tool to get what you want and get what they need.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you to bend over backward, give up your authority as a teacher or spend your lunch breaks and spare time listening to kids!

What I do know is that students need our time! Time to hear their soul, their thinking, their stories, their feelings, their life.  The more we do this the more they will grow into capable, independent, self-sufficient and responsible human beings who will become the powerhouse for a better future.  

I can hear many voices in my ear right now, some with heavy hearts because they know this to be true but can’t do it because of the terrifying time restraints within school life (life in general) and others who dismiss the notion of spending more quality ‘emotional time’ with our kids as unattainable.

The voice and hearts of our students play a significant role in the development of human life, school life and on individuals so how do we provide a school environment which allows for more time to build relationships and gives us more time to listen?

For me, the solution lies in simplicity. How?

  • Simplify the planning process Simplify the curriculum delivery.

  • Simplify the way we plan, track, mark, and report on our students’ work.

  • Give students and teachers more control over all these areas using technology which is dedicated to achieving these goals.

That’s what we do.

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