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How it works

We have developed an online learning platform that has a sliding approach to learning.  This allows movement around the quantity of prescribed learning and student-led learning.  

This platform enables you to craft a unique learning journey for your child that draws from their personal interests and wraps the New Zealand Curriculum around it.

Our Learning Coaches support you along the way!


What our learners are saying.

The experience with Tala has been amazing, she has been so helpful and is easy to talk to and always has an open ear. I am looking forward to having another year with this awesome person. I recommend Tala over any other teacher that I've had just because of the way she communicates and how there is no stress.

YPI has so many resources that you can use if you are stuck on something it is so easy to use and will help you with your journey. It is fun to use and Tala communicates through it to help with what I am working on.

I am grateful that I have this opportunity to work from home in my own environment at my own pace.

Heading 5


This option provides a strong foundation for your children's homeschool journey.  Our learning coaches support you and your child to use the platform (YPI) and craft a learning path that fits in with your goals and aspirations for your homeschool journey.


This option builds on option three and enables the parent to release more responsibility on to their child whilst maintaining the steady development of skills sets important to future-focused learning. 


This option draws from the skills and expertise of previous options that enable the parent and child to forge their learning path using our platform YPI. 

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