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A sense of freedom

C  u  r  i  o  s  i  t  y
Freedom to explore

Aotearoa Homeschool supports parents along the home school journey.

AHA moments to inspire learning!

Your journey with us starts with excellent communication. We will listen and work hard to make sure your children and family are at the centre of your aspirations and goals. 


If you require help with your exemption application we can help you! 
We have experienced learning coaches to support you at every step.


We are an exciting, New Zealand, locally designed and developed education platform which is focused on and enables Personalised Learning in a revolutionary way. We support you to become an expert in its use.

Live and learn authentically, creatively and with endless curiosity.

This platform allows learners to genuinely be at the centre of their learning, from lesson planning to marking and tracking progress.  This platform sees the potential for the spark of learning and provides parents and learners with a structured learning path with a focus on fusing curiosity and curriculum.  

Authenticity, empowerment, and the human spirit are the guiding principles of our service to your family.


Open the door to posibilities!

About Us


New Zealand

Tel: +64 22 088 2876

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