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1-1  Tutoring Sessions

Personalised learning to fit the goals and asperations of your family's learning needs. 

The 1-1 tutoring sessions develop either from specific goals parents, and learners have identified for themselves or may also immerge from the Literacy and Numeracy Assessments. 

These sessions are powerful in their outcomes due to the detailed and specific focus that is relevant to the learner. 

From experience, these sessions advance the learner at a rate not typically experienced in a normal school setting and are highly recommended regardless of where your child is at. 

Examples of possible learning opportunities presented in the 1-1 tutoring sessions

  • Literacy, reading, writing, grammar, spelling

  • Numeracy - strategies, knowledge, basic facts, and more

  • Support in all other curriculum areas for learners Y 1 - 11

  • Face to face (online) with NZ Registered teacher

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