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Click on the boxes below to learn about how you can fast-track a dynamic and meaningful learning journey you all can enjoy. 

A wide range of assessment tools to choose from that will suit the child's needs and gives a thorough and detailed analysis of learning needs and future teaching and learning steps. 

Assessments are 1-1 online and go at the pace of the learner, they are to gauge understanding of your child's thinking so you as a parent can support them from where they are at or to provide a fantastic starting point for private tutoring options. 

Workshops provide options for the parent and child to determine an area of learning they feel will enhance their understanding of skills they value. 

Workshops can include

  • 1. Beginner Te Reo and Sign Language

  • 2. Te Ao Māori & Tikanga - Māori world view

  • 3. Critical Thinking & Inquiry

  • 4. Literacy and numeracy
    5. Integrated grammar and writing course

The 1-1 tutoring sessions develop either from specific goals parents and learners have identified for themselves or may also immerge from the Literacy and Numeracy Assessments. 

These sessions are powerful in their outcomes due to the detailed and specific focus that is relevant to the learner. 

From experience, these sessions advance the learner at a rate not typically experienced in a normal school setting and are highly recommended regardless of where your child is at. 

We have developed an online learning platform that has a sliding approach to learning.  This allows movement around the quantity of prescribed learning and student-led learning.  

This platform enables you to craft a unique learning journey for your child that draws from their personal interests and wraps the New Zealand Curriculum around it.

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