Finding the right education for your children can be one of the most challenging things we face as parents.  We support you to find the balance you seek in giving your children a meaningful and authentic education that fits into your lifestyle.
The ability to thrive being a tortoise or hare.
Empowered, authentic learning 

In the fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, , tells a story of a race between a slow-moving tortoise and a high-speed hare. We hope our learners are free to be both.


All too often we push our children to run a race they are not ready to run or we assume those who travel the fasted through a set path of learning end up winning. Whether the tortoise or the hare wins the race is of less importance as a question to be answered, than 'how' well can you run your race.  

Every learner can finish the race knowing who they are, what they want in life, and confident to live in their authenticity, empowerment, and the human spirit.

  • The world is a place full of posibilities

  • Learning becomes rich when it has meaning to the learner.

  • Authenticity is a powerful creative tool

  • A free mind and an open heart creates boundless opportunities for learning

  • Doing something is better than following another's dream

  • Taking ownership develops resilience and hope

  • Connecting with self and others is a most lasting and pervasive human experience, deepening the learning journey

  • Independence, creativity, and self-reliance build confidence in self and provide a buffer of external criticism. 

  • Having time to work at your pace, in your time, and place brings happiness

We provide for 7 to 15 years of age