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Our Platform

What sets us apart from all other platforms is that we leverage curiosity to build critical thinking.

We are an exciting, New Zealand, locally designed and developed education platform which is focused on and enables Personalised Learning in a revolutionary way. We support you to become an expert in its use.

Our platform makes way for the New Zealand Curriculum to be in the hands of the individual family to allow for a learning path that lasts a life time and redefines what success looks like.

Our focus is to develop and explore opportunities to nurture self-determination, authority and agency for our learners and families. We help you to navigate the areas of the New Zealand Curriculum that are important to you.

Our platform has the potential to move away from topics completely if that is desirable.  Instead of naming a subject, it can be replaced by the value of an action to communicate the intention of your child or family, or a learning goal determined by the creator or co-creator. 

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We provide for 7 to 15 years of age

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